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Growing the most fresh, nutritious and flavourful produce to our communities by sustainable food production in the UAE.

About Us

Who Are We?

Armela Farms is the large-scale commercial grower, packer and distributor of hydroponically grown greens and herbs in the UAE.  We have built a proprietary agriculture platform to grow a wide array of products, delivering superior flavour, better quality and improved nutrition to drive food safety in the UAE.

Our Mission

What we want to achieve?

To provide fresh, nutritious and flavourful produce to our communities by sustainable food production. We want to keep production as close as possible to consumption to create a positive impact on the planet and the people.

About our work

What We Do?

We grow a diverse range of premium quality produce using no soil, less land and less resources, right in the middle of the city.

The core agenda

Why Are We Doing it?

For the help of people and our planet. It’s a big responsibility but we’re up for it. We give people access to the freshest, tasties, cleanest and most responsibly grown produce available.

Our Mission

Combining Nature & Technology

The Perfect Recipe

Our hydroponic system and greenhouses combine to provide the perfect recipe to grow our plants.

Uncompromised Quality

Our high quality dutch seeds are given a perfectly calibrated arrangement,carefully crafted nutrient blend and controlled irrigation and temperature for enhanced flavour and maximise yield.

Timing is everything

When flavour reaches its peak, our produce is harvested, packaged, distributed and can be tasted the very same day. That’s what real freshness tastes like!

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lettuce heads grown per year

lettuce heads grown per year


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