Divi Farm

From Our Farm to Your Table

Growing the most fresh, nutritious and flavourful produce to our communities by sustainable food production in the UAE.

Our Technology

Growing more with less

At Armela Farms, our crops are grown in water instead of soil. Our hydroponic technology allows us to use 80% less water, 90% less land, and 95% less shipping fuel than long-distance field grown produce. On top of being more sustainable, the hydroponic enabled greenhouse gives the plants a happy, sunny, 72 degree home and  year-round production.

Our Quality

Better Than Organic

Did you know that Organic does not equal pesticide-free? Organic greens can (and do!) use pesticides. Sometimes they are natural, sometimes they are not. At Armela Farms, we use no pesticides, insecticides, herbicides, or fungicides in our greenhouses. Growing, harvesting, and packing indoors allows for the highest level of control over pests and disease.

Our Mission

Commited To Community

Less Water

Water is recirculated in Hydroponic Systems and there is no agricultural run off leading to 7x less water usage than conventional farming practices. Any water, not taken up by the plants is reused over and over again

Less Land

We provide our plants with nutrient rich water solutions instead of soil. The controlled, safe environment created the perfect grow conditions for the plants resulting in higher yields. This soilless environment uses 10x less land than an open field agricultural farm.

Less Fuel

Our greenhouses are located close to the communities they feed – so our supply chain is short and consumes less fossil fuels.

Grown in the UAE

Simply Fresh


Armela Farms is the large-scale commercial grower, packer and distributor of hydroponically grown greens and herbs in the UAE.  We have built a proprietary agriculture platform to grow a wide array of products, delivering superior flavour, better quality and improved nutrition to drive food safety in the UAE.

Sustainably grown

Grown using no soil and 95% less water.

No Chemicals

100% clean produce.

Fresh and delicious

Harvested fresh daily


Happy Clients

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Jodi S.

Restaurant Owner
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Ayana R.

Private Chef


Cook With Armela

Kale Chips

Simple Kale Chips. Just mix, bake and eat. Ready in 10 minutes. Available in 5 dressings.

Frisee Breakfast Sandwich

Red onion, ham, frisee green, tomato and cheese over a samoon or a sourdough bread for the perfect breakfast munch.

Mix  Lettuce Sandwich

Hallomi toast with mix of oakleaf red, oakleaf green frisee, butterhead with cheery tomatoes, onion and olive oil.

Green Salad

Bright summer salad using all Armela greens with radish, carrot, onio and cucumber rings. Drizzled with oilve oil.

For the planet

Our Impact

As a modern farm, we take our responsibilities quite seriously. Every step we take is a consious attempt to make this planet better.