Armela Farm

GCC’s First Fully Automated Farm

Armela Farm is going to change history by  launching regions first ‘fully automated hydroponic farm in Abu Dhabi,UAE.

Our Efficiency

Peak Productivity

After launching in August 2016, Armela team has spent more than two years in Research & Development regarding the best techniques, varieties of produce and optimum climate conditions. The team has advanced its process to achieve over 250% of an increase in production.

Our Partners

Dutch Technology

Armela Farms has chosen Van der Hoeven Horticultural Products to supply the project, a pioneer in delivering advanced production facilities for a variety of produce in particular leafy greens. In conjunction, Armela farms will be using specialist technologies from a variety of suppliers like Hoogendoorn, Patron Agri Systems, Green Production Systems, Rijk Zwaan, Jiffy, Koppert, due to the expertise and experience by each company in their individual field.

Our Mission

Commited To Community

Spread over 3 hectares

becoming the largest facility in the region

Production capacity of 9 million lettuce heads per annum

that’s  2,300 tonnes per

Fully Data Driven

Using advanced dutch technologies


Armela’s Fully Automated Farm


Happy Partners

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Jodi S.

Restaurant Owner
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Ayana R.

Private Chef