Divi Farm

Farming With A Mission


Combating Food Waste

Waste not, Want not

Globally, more than 65% of the food is wasted during transporation and distribution. Armela farm is strategically located near the cities it serves and helps saving food waste drastically.

Reduce,Reuse & Reycle

Drop By Drop

Our farms uses 95% less water than convetinal farming techniques. With escalling enviornmental challenges and weather events – we are constantly innovating with new ways to filter and reuse our water consumption.

Saving the Planet

Saving Energy & Emission

Food production accounts  for 83 percent of emissions, and can vary according to if food is grown in heavily fertilized fields with extensive plowing, or with intensive use of irrigation and pesticides,etc. At Armela, by keeping production closer to consumption and using sustainable growing practices, we help saving energy and reduce carbon emissions.

Growth is good

Creating Opportunities

As a growing company, we are commited to create a strong and diverse culture across all roles. Conventional farming employment has been on the decline since late 90’s, our innovative farming technology and expansion plan enables year-round employment opportunities.