Armela Farms is a large-scale commercial producer, packer and distributor of water-grown Lettuce and Kale in UAE.

Armela Farms hydroponic growing technology, on-site storage, packing and local distribution methods is re-defining local food supply, committed to feeding people in cities in a way that is positive for the environment.


  • To promote food security in UAE by bridging the gap between demand and supply.
  • To utilize unused desert land and transform it into a hi-tech, sustainable food production facility, whilst taking into consideration reducing carbon emissions and water conservation.


Our mission is to sell our hydroponic produce that is of high quality and high nutritional value to maximize its benefits towards healthy living in United Arab Emirates and gradually expand our footprint into the GCC.

By delivering our produce immediately upon harvesting, with no or minimum storage or shipping time, we can provide our customers with produce that is fresher, tastier, lasts longer and is more nutritious.


Major problem with today’s food industry is the need to ship products, not only across the country, but globally as well. This need has led to new genetically modified products that has a longer shelf life, and is harvested before the Products ripens.

These new products, however, lack greatly in nutrients, quality, and taste.

At Armela Farms we use NON-GMO (Non-Genetically Modified Organism) Seeds from the pioneer seed breeders in Netherlands.

Our produce is Natural, Pesticide Free and Eco Friendly Locally Grown.